Go For The Gold To Achieve Your Hair Goals

After owning my own salon, traveling the world and styling Oprah Winfrey’s hair for several years, I realized something. Women everywhere needed to make peace with their hair. If they did, they would have more time to do the things they love and LOVE the hair they were born with.

So, I created The Gold System!  It’s a complete, yet simple, three-step system to cleanse, condition and style, full of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients created specifically for dry, curly, kinky and textured hair types (which are identified in the Andre Walker Hair Classification System).

fall-2014-golden-hair-color-trends-for-African-American-womenIncluding the Ultimate Moisture Sulfate-Free Shampoo, the Ultimate Moisture TKO Conditioner, the Beautiful Kinks Styling Créme Gelee, and the Get It Straight Styling Créme—The Gold System is all your hair needs to stay healthy and beautiful, eliminating the need to spend money on different products from various brands that don’t work well together for the good of your hair anyway.

The more you use this system, the more your hair is trained to never be unmanageable again, keeping it hydrated and well-conditioned at all times—so you can stop stressing about the time and money you spend on your hair, and start living.

The secret ingredient behind this golden system is Mongongo Oil, which is made from the exotic Mongongo nut found in Africa. It is known for its superior moisture, keeping your hair safe and extremely hydrated. Moisture is key to hair health, so the more you shampoo and lock in moisture, the healthier your hair will be. I recommend that you shampoo and condition at least twice a week for your best tresses.

With super-busy lives— families to love, roads to travel, people to see, and work to do—there is just no time for any hair drama. So trust that when you use my Gold System, you will have more time and money to spend enjoying life, and do so with a gorgeous head of moisturized hair.


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Win the battle – make peace with your hair!

Starting as a salon owner and as Oprah’s personal stylist for more than 25 years, hair is my life’s passion! It is my pleasure to create a line of luxurious products designed to end the battle, bringing you innovative convenience, beautiful hair, and most of all PEACE.

Andre Walker, seven-time Emmy Award winner and personal stylist to Oprah.

© Harpo Productions, Inc./Photographer George Burns

Andre Walker has earned 7 Emmy Awards for his signature styling of Oprah Winfrey’s hair. For 25 years, Andre has been Oprah’s only personal stylist, and she has sung his praises numerous times on the top rated Oprah Winfrey Show. During his stellar career, Andre has  also styled two First Ladies — Michelle Obama and Barbara Bush  — and also introduced actress Halle Berry to what has become her  signature short haircut. Prior to joining Oprah, Andre operated his own successful salon in the heart of Chicago, where women of all hair types lined up for coveted appointments with the ever popular Andre. His work has appeared in numerous major magazines, and is featured every month on the cover of O Magazine.

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