Four Ways To Avoid Hair Breakage

Wondering why your hair may be breaking off?

Here are four (super easy!) things Andre Walker suggests you do to keep your strands looking healthy and avoid the breakage:

  1. Give your hair a heat break. Using hot tools daily can cause permanent damage and breakage. Instead, limit your hot tools use to only after washing and conditioning your hair. Also, try to rely on heat-free hairstyles such as topknots, braids and ponytails.
  1. Wash out the sweat. If you’re exercising a lot, it’s important to wash the perspiration from your hair and scalp after each work out. That’s because sweat contains salt, which can be drying to the hair and lead to moisture depletion over time. Eventually, your hair won’t be able to hold a style and may begin to break off. Be sure to always shampoo (try Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo) and condition (try TKO Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner) after every workout.
  1. Satin is your best friend. Be sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk scarf each night. Cotton can pull and tug at your hair causing it to break.
  2. Don’t play with your hair. Pulling, twirling or playing with your hair throughout the day can weaken it and cause breakage. Try placing a hair pin or ornament in the area you generally play with your hair in order to stop the habit.





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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hair Washing





Sometimes we can get downright lazy when it comes to washing our hair. There are those that go weeks without doing so by relying heavily on dry shampoo and co-washing to get their strands clean. But, let’s keep it real: these methods just aren’t going to work when it comes to thoroughly cleansing your hair and scalp. Check out these top tips from Andre Walker to help you get the most out of your shampoo and conditioning time.

DON’T go longer than a week to wash your hair. You should be washing your hair at least once, and ideally twice, per week. Remember, water is moisture. Every time you cleanse the hair, you’re adding moisture back into it.

DON’T use a co-wash every time you wash your hair. Co-washing is a quick way to add moisture, but it doesn’t clean away debris like pollutant from the air, natural oils and product build up.

DO use a mild paraben and sulfate-free shampoo such as Andre Walker Hair Ultimate Moisture Shampoo to gently cleanse the hair.

DON’T just rely on one washing to get your hair clean. Sometimes it takes more than one shampooing to properly cleanse the hair.

DO test your hair after washing to make sure that it’s clean. You can do this by running a few strands of wet hair between two fingers. If there’s a little bit of resistance, it’s clean. If not, keep shampooing until you feel a little bit of resistance. This may take one to two shampoos. Be sure to rinse shampoo out completely before conditioning.



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